Thrift 2 Gift Is All About Giving

This past weekend was six months exactly since the opening of the Thrift2Gift-Garner store.  It has been an exciting and life changing journey.  I am learning so much about myself, the faithfulness of my Lord Jesus, and the amazing customers I encounter.  Holy Spirit has really soften my heart to see others with His eyes, which has enlarged my capacity to walk in greater compassion. People need love, hugs, words of encouragement and a listening ear. God’s vision is always greater than what we can see and comprehend.  The vision is not just about a thrift store and poviding care to SheepCare school in Kenya, and helping others in need locally. Its about GIVING of ourselves and creating opportunities to establish relationships with people we may think we have nothing in common with.

Thrifting is giving.  When we make purchases, we literally help children and families globally. When customers enter the store to shop, make donations or just come into the store to relax in our book section, we give one another our time.  We live in a busy world and time is precious, but its as if God has created an atmosphere in Thrift 2 Gift where time stands still while we communicate, laugh, and socialize.  So many customers refer to the store as their “happy place”.  It is definitely my “happy place”. It is much work, but it is worth it knowing that we are building something that will support so many children and families. Its all about “giving”.  Giving is truly living.

If you have not experienced Thrift2Gift-Garner yet, please mae time to stop by.  And for those of you who have had the opportunity to experience the shoppe, please keep coming because we have new merchandise, groovy music and plenty of hugs every day. See you soon!





Junk = Treasure

Junk always equals Treasure. I am an ever evolving professional thrifter and I am learning that there is no such thing as junk. 

All so called junk has a purpose and when the creator of that purpose is introduced to the so called junk, treasure is born.

Thrifting is the heartbeat of living simple. It’s a trend that will never end.

I love to see people buy used, tattered items and use their artistic imagination to create something new. 

There are no mistakes, just freedom to create. 

Stop by Thrift2Gift-Garner and see what amazing treasure you can find. 

Grateful Treasures

This week will be 5 months since opening Thrift2Gift-Garner store. It has been an amazing journey of totally trusting God. 

We have met so many wonderful, amazing, fun and caring people. Each day it’s exciting  to see who will walk into the store. God created human beings in His own image and I am learning to see the beauty in all people. 

I love “thrifters”, we seem to all have some kind of artistic gift that manifest in various ways. We love simplicity and the art of finding treasures.

I am so grateful for our guests, the ones who shop and the ones who make donations. We cannot have one without the other. 

Then there are my amazing friends who have encouraged Stephanie, Joshua and I so much. They stop by the store, pray for us, spread the word for us, make donations, and shop at the store. It is so humbling because it’s the evidence of genuine love and support. 

God has sent us really wonderful volunteers, who love to serve. During the months of May – July, we were able to recruit 4 different teens to work as interns and learned how the operation of a thrift store works. It was an honor to mentor them and learn so much. 

Finally, the most amazing thing is that we have prayer meetings at the store, we pray with people in need of prayer, we have had Bible study groups utilize the store and we have the honor of allowing Dirty Water Coffee Company Pop-Up to serve the best coffee and tea in town. 

I look forward to the next 3 months to see what God is going to do, not only in the store, but in our own growth as Kingdom business owners. 

Father is faithful and it’s in His faithfulness that we can all draw strength. 


Resting In Him

“Give Up The Maps”

I read this on a blog once and now it seem so timely for my present journey:

“There is not a right way to pioneer new territory. It is a step-by-step journey, completely dependent on God, who usually only gives you the next step. I still crave a map and a guide, but I am learning to lean into the Spirit and God’s Word when I feel alone and lost–and He has yet to forsake me. But do seek the counsel of those pioneers who have cut through the wilderness before. Their remarkable bravery can inspire the strength you need to take new steps”

The presence of the Lord is showing up in unusual amazing ways at our thrift store.  It’s blowing my mind daily at the love, grace and faithfulness of our Lord. He knows all things. 

Who would have ever thought that a dream to simply live out James 1:27 and praying to God for ideas for ongoing provision to help others would lead to a thrift store. 

I had to throw the maps away because my religious map mindset prevented me from thinking outside the box. 

I just said YES and leaped off the cliff of faith, with my eyes closed tight, hoping Abba would catch me. And He did! 

I am having a blast! And the best part I get to walk this journey with my BFF, Stephanie Chosen, a woman of amazing faith. 

And we get to come alongside my humbled son, Joshua, and assist him in his Dirty Water Coffee Company journey. Check out his amazing site

Then there is George and Nicholette; WOW God! The most passionate, loving and faith filled business partners one could ever have. 

And the very best blessing is the ongoing encounters with amazing men, women and children who shop at Thrift2Gift-Garner; those who donate and the sincere prayer warriors who pray for us. 

THANK YOU JESUS! I am so glad I threw away the maps and simply said yes without complicating things. 

If you are reading this blog and live in NC, you need to make your way to Thrift2Gift and experience His presence and amazing people. 

PS: we love to pray for people in the store. 

Living His Dream

A Journey of Trust

I am hours away from opening the doors for the very first time to a vision given by God Himself. The mission of Thrift2GIft-Garner is saving children globally, one child at a time. 


My heart leaps with joy knowing that I am touching the heart of God. Knowing that many others are praying, encouraging and sowing into this awesome vision.

This is a Body of Christ and Community effort. What Abba has planned has yet to unfold completely. 

Thrift2Gift-Garner, as well as our sister stores in Cary and Apex, have the opportunity to be a bright light in our local communities, help families to afford clothing and other items they need, reach out to individuals in transition from jail, homelessness, etc. The list goes on.

Thrift2Gift will touch Nations like Dominican Republic, Mexico, Kenya Africa, Haiti, Belize and Nations yet to be known. 

This is definitely a journey of trust because only Jehovah Jirah Himself can provide what we need to develop this vision long term. 

James 1:27 is who I am. The love of Jesus has given me a heart of flesh so that I am moved with compassion when I see others in need. I can’t imagine life any other way.   

How do you ignore these beautiful feet created by God and destined for greatness. 

We can’t. So we step out in faith and walk out the visions given by God; visions that will show us how to help others and be the salt of the earth. 

A journey of trust.

If you are moved at the sight of a problem, then God wants to give you the solution. Pray, seek and you will find. Be a doer and not just a hearer. 

Eseosa Rain

The Thrift2Gift Journey

The start-up of Thrift2Gift-Garner is an amazing journey.  It is hard work and it is rewarding work in so many ways.  I get to see the grace and power of God at work in so many ways. I get to work with wonderful business partners and meet so many wonderful people who sincerely love God and His people globally.  I am so excited about opening the doors on April 16, 2016 so that the amazing journey of meeting new people every single day will begin.  Thrift2Gift-Garner (as well as our Cary and Apex store) is about connecting community, locally and abroad.  We get to see out local community come together and have fun shopping, donating, volunterring and helping to feed children and families globally.

Our goal is to provide quality, barely used clothing, household goods, toys, books and so many other items to the local community at extremely reasonable prices.  Its like a treasure hunt every single day and I get to be apart of it.

Stay tuned and please take the time to subscribe to this blog so that you can keep up with what is going on each week at Thrift2Gift-Garner.