Thrift 2 Gift Is All About Giving

This past weekend was six months exactly since the opening of the Thrift2Gift-Garner store.  It has been an exciting and life changing journey.  I am learning so much about myself, the faithfulness of my Lord Jesus, and the amazing customers I encounter.  Holy Spirit has really soften my heart to see others with His eyes, which has enlarged my capacity to walk in greater compassion. People need love, hugs, words of encouragement and a listening ear. God’s vision is always greater than what we can see and comprehend.  The vision is not just about a thrift store and poviding care to SheepCare school in Kenya, and helping others in need locally. Its about GIVING of ourselves and creating opportunities to establish relationships with people we may think we have nothing in common with.

Thrifting is giving.  When we make purchases, we literally help children and families globally. When customers enter the store to shop, make donations or just come into the store to relax in our book section, we give one another our time.  We live in a busy world and time is precious, but its as if God has created an atmosphere in Thrift 2 Gift where time stands still while we communicate, laugh, and socialize.  So many customers refer to the store as their “happy place”.  It is definitely my “happy place”. It is much work, but it is worth it knowing that we are building something that will support so many children and families. Its all about “giving”.  Giving is truly living.

If you have not experienced Thrift2Gift-Garner yet, please mae time to stop by.  And for those of you who have had the opportunity to experience the shoppe, please keep coming because we have new merchandise, groovy music and plenty of hugs every day. See you soon!