Junk = Treasure

Junk always equals Treasure. I am an ever evolving professional thrifter and I am learning that there is no such thing as junk. 

All so called junk has a purpose and when the creator of that purpose is introduced to the so called junk, treasure is born.

Thrifting is the heartbeat of living simple. It’s a trend that will never end.

I love to see people buy used, tattered items and use their artistic imagination to create something new. 

There are no mistakes, just freedom to create. 

Stop by Thrift2Gift-Garner and see what amazing treasure you can find. 


Grateful Treasures

This week will be 5 months since opening Thrift2Gift-Garner store. It has been an amazing journey of totally trusting God. 

We have met so many wonderful, amazing, fun and caring people. Each day it’s exciting  to see who will walk into the store. God created human beings in His own image and I am learning to see the beauty in all people. 

I love “thrifters”, we seem to all have some kind of artistic gift that manifest in various ways. We love simplicity and the art of finding treasures.

I am so grateful for our guests, the ones who shop and the ones who make donations. We cannot have one without the other. 

Then there are my amazing friends who have encouraged Stephanie, Joshua and I so much. They stop by the store, pray for us, spread the word for us, make donations, and shop at the store. It is so humbling because it’s the evidence of genuine love and support. 

God has sent us really wonderful volunteers, who love to serve. During the months of May – July, we were able to recruit 4 different teens to work as interns and learned how the operation of a thrift store works. It was an honor to mentor them and learn so much. 

Finally, the most amazing thing is that we have prayer meetings at the store, we pray with people in need of prayer, we have had Bible study groups utilize the store and we have the honor of allowing Dirty Water Coffee Company Pop-Up to serve the best coffee and tea in town. 

I look forward to the next 3 months to see what God is going to do, not only in the store, but in our own growth as Kingdom business owners. 

Father is faithful and it’s in His faithfulness that we can all draw strength. 


Resting In Him