A Journey of Trust

I am hours away from opening the doors for the very first time to a vision given by God Himself. The mission of Thrift2GIft-Garner is saving children globally, one child at a time. 


My heart leaps with joy knowing that I am touching the heart of God. Knowing that many others are praying, encouraging and sowing into this awesome vision.

This is a Body of Christ and Community effort. What Abba has planned has yet to unfold completely. 

Thrift2Gift-Garner, as well as our sister stores in Cary and Apex, have the opportunity to be a bright light in our local communities, help families to afford clothing and other items they need, reach out to individuals in transition from jail, homelessness, etc. The list goes on.

Thrift2Gift will touch Nations like Dominican Republic, Mexico, Kenya Africa, Haiti, Belize and Nations yet to be known. 

This is definitely a journey of trust because only Jehovah Jirah Himself can provide what we need to develop this vision long term. 

James 1:27 is who I am. The love of Jesus has given me a heart of flesh so that I am moved with compassion when I see others in need. I can’t imagine life any other way.   

How do you ignore these beautiful feet created by God and destined for greatness. 

We can’t. So we step out in faith and walk out the visions given by God; visions that will show us how to help others and be the salt of the earth. 

A journey of trust.

If you are moved at the sight of a problem, then God wants to give you the solution. Pray, seek and you will find. Be a doer and not just a hearer. 

Eseosa Rain


The Thrift2Gift Journey

The start-up of Thrift2Gift-Garner is an amazing journey.  It is hard work and it is rewarding work in so many ways.  I get to see the grace and power of God at work in so many ways. I get to work with wonderful business partners and meet so many wonderful people who sincerely love God and His people globally.  I am so excited about opening the doors on April 16, 2016 so that the amazing journey of meeting new people every single day will begin.  Thrift2Gift-Garner (as well as our Cary and Apex store) is about connecting community, locally and abroad.  We get to see out local community come together and have fun shopping, donating, volunterring and helping to feed children and families globally.

Our goal is to provide quality, barely used clothing, household goods, toys, books and so many other items to the local community at extremely reasonable prices.  Its like a treasure hunt every single day and I get to be apart of it.

Stay tuned and please take the time to subscribe to this blog so that you can keep up with what is going on each week at Thrift2Gift-Garner.